The Primatics PFR225 offers solutions to your rotary positioning needs. Our innovative drive system creates arc-second repeatability and fast settling times, making the PFR225 ideal for point to point indexing, assembly and optical applications where worm drives don't provide the necessary accuracy, throughput or life.


The Primatics PFR225 rotary tables are among the most advanced direct drive tables available—featuring a high performance, innovative drive system that creates sub arcsecond repeatability and fast settling times the PFR series is ideal for point to point indexing, assembly, and optical applications. The PFR225 is the ideal replacement for worm drives that don’t provide the necessary accuracy, throughput, or lifespan. 


The PFR225 features a tensioned, precise, steel reinforced timing belt for its drivetrain. The belt has an AT5 tooth profile with nylon faced teeth, which provides exceptional stiffness and smooth tooth engagement. Accuracy and repeatability are enhanced through a ring encoder located on the rotating platen, providing output feedback directly on the load. An oversized cross roller bearing supports the platen, delivering high load capacity, excellent rigidity, and long life.

All PFR225 performance specifications are verified, and a full set of accuracy and repeatability plots are included with each stage. Additionally, each unit undergoes extensive burn-in and testing. These steps ensure that the stage will deliver optimal performance over a long period of time.

  • 360 degree travel
  • Resolution up to 0.41 arcseconds
  • Accurate to within +/-45 arcseconds
  • 75 kilogram axial load

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