The Primatics PLR40 limited-rotation table is among the most advanced and lowest profile (40 mm) direct drive rotary stages available. It features a high performance direct drive motor that creates sub arc-second repeatability and fast settling times, making it ideal for applications that require small angular adjustments. The compact design also has a smaller footprint than comparable worm drives. Travel is 100 degrees.

The PLR40s high efficiency neodymium servo motor permits greater acceleration, shorter settling times and less motor heating than other types of direct drive stages. In addition, the PLR40 motor has a high pole count, which aids in obtaining low velocity ripple even at very low speeds. The PLR40s high performance motor, coupled with its platen-mounted, gold-plated, steel tape scale, results in high servo stiffness over a wide dynamic range. An angular-contact, spindle bearing set guarantees long, trouble-free operation with very low runout. It can be equipped with a scavenge port for ISO 4 cleanroom service.