• Travel: +/-60 deg
  • Resolution to 0.43 arc-sec
  • Accuracy to +/-30 arc-sec
  • Axial Load: 2 kg

Primatics PLR110 rotary positioning stage offers a large aperature in a low profile package. The direct drive system creates arc-second accuracy and fast settling times, making the PLR110 ideal for fine position correction in assembly and optical applications where worm drives dont provide the necessary accuracy, throughput or life.

Versatile Application

The low profile of the PLR110 supports its use in tight spaces. The open throat design allows cables to be routed through its center to tooling mounted above the stage.

All PLR110 performance specifications are verified and a full set of accuracy & repeatability plots are included with each stage. Additionally, each unit undergoes extensive burn-in and testing. These steps ensure that the stage will deliver optimal performance over a long period of time.