• Travel: 300x300 mm
  • Repeatability to +/-0.5 um
  • Accuracy to +/-1.0 um
  • Linear Motor

Primatics POF115 Series open frame X, Y stages are ideal for precision inspection and assembly applications. With its large central aperture, it affords top and bottom access to the payload.

Higher Performance

Open frame stages are most often used in applications requiring very accurate, flat motion. To achieve these requirements, the POF115 eliminates all empty space between the top and bottom of the positioner, minimizing the overall height & tolerance stack without sacrificing stiffness & load capacity. It utilizes precision linear guide bearings ideal for fast, repetitive motion, and a dual linear encoder option ensures reduced abbe errors.

Our unique Prima-Flex cable management system eliminates the necessity of external cable carriers on the POF115. All signals for both axes are terminated into two high flex cables that exit one corner at the bottom of the stage.