• Travel: 50-800 mm
  • Repeatability to +/-0.5 um
  • Accuracy to +/-1.0 um
  • Ballscrew drive

Primatics PLG160 Series positioning stages are the mid-size entries of the all-purpose PLG series stages. Ideal for demanding applications such as inspection, attachment and alignment, the PLG160 offers unparalleled flexibility and allows the user to fit a high performance product into many different applications.

Linear Motor

The PLG160 linear motor stage is appealing from both a design and functionality standpoint: Its compact design makes it one of the smallest linear motor stages on the market and its brushless linear motor gives exceptionally smooth motion. In addition, the unique Prima-Flex cabling system and Prima-Seal enclosure system allows for sensitive parts, like the encoder and sensor circuits, to be self-contained and protected from contamination and harsh work environments. Encoder resolutions to 0.1 microns are standard.

Perfect where overall size is a concern, the PLG160 frameless motor mounts directly onto the ballscrew, eliminating the need for a motor coupler and external motor. This reduces the footprint of the positioner while maintaining the accuracy and dynamic response.

In-Line Motor Mount

The in-line version of the PLG160 accepts standard English NEMA 23 frame step or servo motors with 1/4", 3/8", 8mm and 9mm shafts. In addition, the motor mount is designed so its lower surface stays inside the cross-section of the positioner, effectively eliminating the need for an additional plate under the base.


All PLG stages are available with a high flow purge option to help keep to the internal mechanics particle-free. Carriage-spanning tabletop options are also available for ballscrew motor drives.

Performance Verification

All PLG160 performance specifications are verified with a laser interferometer system, and a full set of accuracy, repeatability, straightness and flatness plots are included with each stage. Additionally, each unit undergoes extensive burn-in and testing. These steps ensure that the stage will deliver optimal performance over a long period of time.