• Travel: 25-100 mm
  • Repeatability to +/- 0.05 um
  • Accuracy to +/-0.25 um
  • Linear Motor

The Primatics PCR43 Series positioning stages are our most vertically compact linear stages. Ideal for demanding applications such as high precision alignment, attachment and inspection, the PCR43 offers unparalleled flexibility and allows the user to fit a highly specialized product into their most space restrictive applications.

Alignment applications require high resolution and step accuracy for optimal performance; the PCR43 employs a center-driven, brushless linear motor and an internal 20nm resolution glass scale linear encoder specifically for this purpose. All the multiplication electronics are internal to the PCR43, eliminating large external electronics and simplifying cable management. The PCR43 can also be utilized in vertical applications using an optional counter-balance system.

All PCR43 performance specifications are verified with a laser interferometer system, and a full set of accuracy, repeatability, straightness and flatness plots are included with each stage. Additionally, each unit undergoes extensive burn-in and testing. These steps ensure that the stage will deliver optimal performance over a long period of time.