Motion Product Highlight – PCL40 Series


Motion Product Highlight

The PCL40 Series are the most compact linear guide bearing stages made by PRIMATICS.

Primatics PCL40 Series compact linear guide bearing positioning stages are ideal for applications such as automated inspection, micro assembly and precision part presentation. The PCL40 allows the user to fit a standard product into their most space constrained applications.

With travel to 400mm, the PCL40 offers a compact alternative to cross-roller stages for precision applications. The optional internal encoder provides high-resolution feedback with no increase in footprint.

The in-line version of the PCL40 accepts standard NEMA 17-frame motors. The motor does not extend below the base so a PCL40 can be mounted directly to a flat surface. An optional adapter enables a NEMA 23 motor to be mounted in place of a NEMA 17.

Two PCL40s can be directly stacked in an XY configuration without the need of an adaptor plate. The total stack height is just 80mm. In addition, the PCL40 can be directly mounted to either an English or Metric pattern optical breadboard without the use of adapters. An optional English or Metric tabletop is also available for mounting lab equipment to the stage.



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  • Travel to 400mm
  • Optional rotary encoder resolution to 0.25 micron
  • 10kg payload capacity
  • Servo and Stepper motor options
  • Limit sensors
  • 40mm tall single axis, 80mm tall XY stack
  • English and Metric optical breadboard compatible.
  • All stages tested for specification compliance


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