Automated Assembly & Manufacturing

As a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of high precision motion equipment, we build high performance solutions that integrate easily and function seamlessly with complex automated assembly and manufacturing systems. These systems are used in these and other related industries:

  • Consumer Electronics & Micro Electronics
  • Semiconductor & Wafer Management
  • High End Optical, Fiber Optics & Photonics
  • Additives, Deposition & Coatings
  • Mechatronics & Micro-Machining
  • Lab Automation, Robotics and Remote Medical Services
  • Aerospace, Aviation, Astronomy & Global Security
  • Solar, PV & Thin Film Technologies
  • Life Sciences and Bio-Medical
  • Contract Manufacturing

Our high-performance motion products are also used for high precision pick and place, testing, coating, imaging, measurement, inspection and analysis. Whether you need to increase precision or decrease your cost, our precision motion for assembly and manufacturing can help you optimize your production processes.

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Primatics is also in the forefront of laser, optical, and photonic industry applications and trends. We provide high precision stages and multi-axis configurations designed for systems specializing in high-end optics technologies. Our stages and custom solutions are used in the manufacturing, assembly, and inspection of Laser Systems, Optics in Medicine, Security & Defense Optoelectronics, Communications, Space Exploration/Observation, and Consumer Electronics Chips, Optics, and Photonics.



Below are four linear stages that were used for Disk Drive  manufacture in a ISO 4 clean room environment. They were customized with compatible materials, finishes and lubricants to meet the client’s specific needs. Our Custom Solutions can be tailored to fit within specific footprint restrictions, cycle time requirements, or environmental constraints.

Custom specialty class 1 stages