Custom Motion

Custom Motion is used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and academic tasks from inspection and assembly to material handling and dispensing. Many commercial and industrial projects require reduced time-to-market cycles while minimizing development and production costs. Even in the modern laboratory the demand to test more samples, increase the utilization of analytical equipment or commercialize a process benefits by incorporating motion into more tasks.

Primatics can meet your motion requirements for a specific application through features, performance & price.


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Specific Features

  • Reduced size for specified travel
  • Operation in specialized environments such as  vacuum or clean rooms
  • Specific mounting and attachment details
  • Compatibility with other equipment or components
  • Multi-axis configurations

Improved Performance

  • Reduced settling times
  • Reduced heating

Improved precision

  • Optimization for specified payloads

Reduced Price

  • Optimizing the design to meet specific requirements rather than a one-size-fits-all solution that may have features not required for a specific application

Competitive Advantage

  • A unique solution is not readily replicated by competitors

Is there a solution for my project?

Primatics offers three types of OEM Solutions: modified standard products, custom motion products, and custom motion platforms. Matching a solution to a project depends on several factors including project complexity, development schedule, quantity and product and development budget.

Modified Versions of Standard Products

The modification of a standard product is cost effective when a standard product lacks one or two features to meet application requirements. Modified standard products involve minimal development costs. Examples include:

  • Special hole patterns
  • Custom finishes or markings
  • Multi-axis configurations
  • Granite or steel machine bases
  • Cable management
  • Preparation for special  environment

Custom Positioning Stages & Controls

Custom motion products designed to meet all customer requirements have moderate to higher development costs but yield lower productions costs when compared with standard product solutions. Examples include:

  • Low-profile X,Y,Z stage with internal cable management
  • Large aperture dual-drive open frame X,Y stage on granite
  • Very flat X,Y stage for vacuum operation
  • Eight axis programmable motion controller with integrated linear servo amplifiers

Custom Motion Platform

A custom motion platform goes a step beyond positioning stages or controls. It is the integration of key motion tasks with material handling and/or process control and monitoring. Custom motion platforms are assembled and tested as a unit. Examples include:

  • X,Y,Z,Θ stage on welded base with motion control panel
  • X,Y axes in vacuum chamber with integrated material load and un-load mechanism
  • X,Y,Z inspection mechanism with sample handler


  • Primatics XY and YZ on Granite play video
    Primatics XY and YZ on Granite Structure
  • 600x300x360 play video
  • Primatics large format XYZ play video
    Primatics Large Format XYZ Gantry on Granite

Custom Examples


A gantry configuration consisting of PLG160 ballscrew drive stages with frameless motors. The Z axis includes a failsafe brake More

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Two axis gimbal system for a telescope is an example of a custom design driven by the customer requirements. More

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A linear stage with 300 mm travel intended for vertical applications by incorporating a 2mm lead ballscrew. More

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Linear stage with special purpose carriage for use in vertical orientation includes step motor and failsafe brake. More

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Linear stage with integrated servo motor, rotary encoder and programmable motion controller. More

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