Vacuum Solutions

Precision motion in vacuum is found 
in many applications for medical, analytical, and semiconductor equipment. Components and materials must be carefully selected for vacuum compatibility to prevent outgassing of unwanted compounds. Designs and assembly processes must eliminate sources of contaminants. Even packaging the finished product must be engineered to assure integrity of the vacuum preparation.

High-Performance, Ultra-High Vacuum Linear Stage

Primatics delivers a high-performance, ultra-high vacuum linear stage, using special NSK E-DFO coated linear elements, for Reflective Xray Optics’ sputtering system. Primatics is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of vacuum and cleanroom compatible motion equipment.

This XY stage operates in ultra high vacuum. It has been configured with stationary motors to eliminate moving wires and provide a thermally conductive path to the mounting surface. On this stage we developed a sealing procedure for the servo motor stators.

This custom rotary axis with a high resolution encoder and customer specified servo drive is used in a semiconductor machine for rotating wafer.

This XYZ mechanism with a lead screw drive train and stepper motors had a very unique configuration including an internal post that moved in a slot to guarantee the motion path. We delivered the first prototypes to the client in 3 weeks.