Metrology, Testing, & Verification

High precision motion systems require high precision measuring equipment for testing and verification. Primatics employs a variety of instruments including laser interferometers, optical autocollimators, precision levels, specialty encoders, and a variety of contact and non-contact sensors. Assembly and testing is performed in temperature-controlled workrooms using automated data collection.

Primatics products are all subjected to a battery of tests to verify compliance with specifications and other requirements. Test data for standard, linear and rotary motion products are included with each product. Specialized test reports are often used with custom products. Test data is also used to measure the quality
of production processes. This has enabled Primatics to improve published specifications based on actual data. With a vast amount of archived test data from various products, components and configurations, Primatics has earned a solid reputation for dependability and performance, and can reliably predict the performance of custom projects.

The tools we use for this are:

  • Laser Interferometers for repeatability, accuracy, flatness and straightness measurements
  • Optical Autocollimators for fine angular measurements
  • Dual-axis encoders for XY mapping and verification
  • Electronic indicators and non-contact sensors
  • Vacuum ovens and leak testers for vacuum preparation and testing
  • Class 1 clean room hoods and particle counters for clean room verification

All of our Standard and Custom products are 100% tested and the results are provided with each unit. Our clients verify that they experience a high correlation between the test data we provide and the performance they are measuring in the field.