Engineering & Design Services

Our engineers work side by side with our customers to engineer, design and build custom solutions that meet customer specifications, and integrate seamlessly into system designs. We look forward to engaging customers who require concept to production development and contract manufacturing services, and enjoy working directly with them toward a common goal. Our Application Engineers, Design Engineers and our Mechanical Engineers offer a well-rounded, value-added ability to make your ideas and your products happen.


Here we have taken a PLG160 and modified it for 2 carriages and used for print head assembly. A single encoder track and dual forcers limit sensors between carriages to avoid collision.

This XYZ stack with third-party manual Z axis is employed by a semi-automated tester by a printer manufacturer.

This four axis XYZ-Theta stack with two custom brackets was engineered for an inspection machine to carry sensors over DUT.

This 1200mm linear stage is based on a PLG160 with a PLG110 frameless motor to be used in a large format material deposition machine.